Our forever home!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Trust me, I’ve not been sitting on my hands. Late summer of 2018 we started looking for a new home. The guidelines were simple; more space and surrounded by nature. In a few short months we found our dream house. We moved in right before Thanksgiving. This is when all the projects started. It was been 4 months of none stop projects while also unpacking and getting situated.

I know now this is a DIY blog, but the reality is we have had a TON of help from family, friends and hired hands. We wanted to get the house livable before we started tackling our “true” DIY projects. Trust me when I say there will be no shortage of projects.

It’s been both fun and frustrating getting to the point where we are today. Many late nights and early mornings. Add in a back surgery in mid-February along with a new job that I started in September, there has been no need to find any additional hobbies.

A short list of projects completed so far:

  • repainted the entire interior

  • wallpapered the dining room and a bathroom

  • layed a blue slate sidewalk

  • tiled the garage floor

  • installed a wine room and wrap4d the walls and ceiling with shiplap

  • installed cubbies and a bench in our mudroom

  • restained the two decks

  • completly rewited the house for home automation w/ 80+ devices. Every light can be controlled remotely and responds to the movement in the house

  • exterior landscape lighting with over two miles of wire run underground

  • an indivisible dog fence installed

  • closed in underneath our deck to store our tractor equipment

  • redesigned our kitchen pantry

  • recarpeted several rooms

  • rewired the home theater

  • installed glass shower doors in 6 of the 8 showers

  • installed an automated air cleaner/scrubber

  • installed many additional electrical outlets

  • installed a second washer and dryer in our laundry room

  • installed an outdoor kitchen with a ceramic grill

  • installed a security system

  • installed a “feature wall” in our basement

  • enclosed under our deck

  • installed a feature wall