Wood and Steel Table

While touring Napa with friends, I noticed many of the private vineyards had some exceptional pieces of furniture.  I was drawn to one table in particular and decided to recreate it.  I snapped a couple pictures and took some "loose" measurements.  

The first thing I did was build the base out of steel.  I had a local metal supplier cut the steel I needed to length.  I then welded the base together.   When completed each base leg weighed over 200 pounds.  I borrowed a variable speed drill press to drill through the 1/2 inch steel.  This process took a lot of time.  I drilled eight hole in total.  Each hole took close to 20 minutes to drill. When drilling steel, the slower the better.  Set your drill speed as low as it will go, and add a little oil to the drilling surface.  Theses two things will keep the temperature of the drill bit low.  It's the heat that will ruin your drill bit.   I then painted 3 coats of flat black paint to the metal surface.  

These legs sat in my garage for almost two months until I found the perfect piece of wood.  I wanted to find something, that had a lot of character and life to it.  I finally found a piece at a small wood supply store in Berryville, VA called Local Wood.      Eight lag bolts later, we had a gourgous bar hieght table in our basement.