Theater & Sound System

I've always wanted a place to cuddle with the family and watch movies.  So I integrated a projection system paired with a tremendous sound system to be the crown jewel of our basement.    

The projection screen is mounted on a wall that is covered with leftover coral board from my deck enclosure project.  I hung the projector (Epson Home Cinema 5040) from the ceiling and paired it with a relentless audio system.  My very generous uncle, was kind enough to donate many of the components to that make our house shake.  The right and left channels are broadcast through B&W 802 speakers.   These speakers are the clearest richest sounding speakers I have ever heard. As is these weren't enough,  the center channel speaker is a Martin Logan Stage X.  For thunderous bass, I installed three 15 inch powered sub-woofers.  It will literally crack my drywall if I turned the volume up to max.  I have at least 800 pounds of equipment and a few thousand watts of power running to this system.  I kid you not, this system is not for the faint of heart.  The speaker wire alone runs $121 per foot for the B&W speakers.  You can't use run of the mill wire with these speakers because the load is so great.  As I said before, I owe much of this to my uncle who had to downgrade his system because he moved.  I had to run two separate electrical circuits just to power the amps.  

Our first party in the basement was a Derby Party.  When the horses took off running, you could feel their hoofs kicking you in the chest.  

As a backstop to our screen, I covered the wall with stone and coral boards to accent the room.  I also installed two vintage looking lights to frame the screen.  The lights were made from repurposed steel pipe.