In-Ground Fountain

We've never really done anything to improve upon our "contractor grade" landscaping until recently.  When I looked at walkway leading up to our house, it was simply a see of green junipers.  It offered no depth or contrast of color.  

Sooo...  I walked by this green sea of juniper one day and decided to tear it out and replant.  I backed Emily's Jeep up to the bushes and tied one of my retired climbing ropes around the eight bushes, popped it into 4-wheel drive, and out they came.   As you can imagine, I was left with a eight root holes and about two truckloads of old moldy mulch.

Once everything was cleaned out I planted a Japanese Maple then framed it with dwarf boxwoods.  To add some additional color and texture, I planted bee friendly catmint and Japanese lilies

Finally, I've always liked the sound of trickling water, except for when I have to use the bathroom. For a natural looking water feature, I went with Aquascape's three basalt stone in-ground fountain.  It went in very easily.  First I ran power and water to the fountain location.  Then, I dug out the water collection basin.  I also installed an automatic dosing system to help keep my fountain's water crystal clear.   To top it off I installed LED lights in each stone to illuminate the water at sunset.  This makes for a dramatic effect at night.