Hot Tub with a View

After hours of tiling and late night softball, my old muscles get pretty darn sore.  After about a month of research of the top rated hot tub / spas  on the market I decide to go with a Caldera Utopia Series spa.  The Utopia series offers lower maintenance, a modern look, and very high end overall look.  After deciding on the spa, how to reinforce the deck as the deck I built was not originally designed to support and additional 5,500 pounds.

I dug out four additional footers, then added a layer of crushed gravel.  I then placed a 6X6 weather treated post in each footer followed by what seemed to be an endless amount of concrete.  I then ran dual 2x10 beams between each post.  Finally for added measure, I cross braced the post for additional support in case of unexpected lateral forces. (a.k.a. water sloshing & wind)

It took nine men to lift the spa on the deck.  I suggest you have a team on standby the day your spa gets delivered.  

After about a week of use, we quickly realized we needed a place for our towels near the spa.  I DIY'd a simple towel holder utilizing an old rusty umbrella stand and a curtain rod.  I repainted the curtain rod and base, then placed three hooks on the end of the rod to secure our towels close on cold winter nights.