Basement Bar

Every basement needs a bar to stow away all the random liqueur bottles your friends leave at your house.  To keep it simple I purchased IKEA cabinets.  I splurged for the quiet close hinges and under cabinet lighting.  This way if daddy needs a little sip of his "special medicine" late at night he won't wake anybody up with a cabinet slamming.  For the counter top, I purchased a slab of marble and had it cut to my dimensions.  I choose to go with a waterfall edge to hide the side of the unfinished cabinet.  

To hide the back of the cabinets that are exposed to the rest of the basement, I cut a piece of plywood, supported it to the back of the cabinets and placed some leftover stone veneer I had laying around from another project in the theater room.  

For the flooring, I used a wood-look porcelain tile.  I cleaned the cement basement flooring prior to laying the tile to assure I got good adhesion.  laying tile is slow messy process that I do not enjoy.  To assure a level finish to each tile, I utilized QEP LASH  Tile Leveling clips.  These made the leveling process very easy and certainly sped up the time it would have taken me without the QEP system.  My only advice would be to buy more than you think you'll need.  For each full length rectangle tile, I used 3 clips.   Basically two clips on each long side and one clip on the short ends.  So once it is laid down, each tile will be touching 6 clips.