Basement Gym

When we purchased our house the basement was unfinished.  I knew during the winter I still needed to get my "DIY fix" on.  When it was too cold outside, I started in the basement.  Finishing 2,300  square feet seemed to be a very daunting task.  Instead of tackling the whole thing at once, I decided to choose one one room and finish it from floor to ceiling.   I chose to build out our gym.  

A few months ago, I attended an auction at an LA Fitness that was going out of business.  I got bit by the "auction bug" and purchased a ton of  fitness equipment.  I couldn't help myself, it was so cheap.  All of the equipment pictured cost me only $370.  

To start the project I removed all of the builder grade insulation stapled to the cement walls.  I then spray foamed around the rafters and attached an insofast wall system.  The insofast system is rigid foam insulation and wall studs built in.  Using this product cuts down considerable time over traditional framing and insulation techniques.  I will absolutely use this product anytime I am finishing outside perimeter walls. For additional insulation,  I quickly glued 3/4 rigid foam insulation over-top of the insofast product.  It only took 2 hours to completely frame and insulate this room.  

After the walls and insulation were in place pulled 8 electrical boxes and one HDMI cable by running it through the pre-cut insofast electrical channels.   I also installed 4 recessed LED lights and one ceiling fan wired to a motion detecting switch.

I then began to hang drywall.  Have I mentioned I hate finishing drywall?  I like to do things fast and you simply can't rush the drywall process.  However, to save time I did decide to hang crown molding so I didn't have to spend so much time making the joints where the walls meet the ceiling perfect.  It does increase your finished cost, but it saves time and brain cells.  

On the floor I decided to use DRIcore® Subfloor which is a patented moisture barrier that keeps your room warm and dry. This simple, DIY product insulates your basement floor while protecting your furniture and electronics from potential water damage.  DRIcore® Subfloor also promotes indoor air quality by allowing your concrete to breathe.  I then covered the sub-floor with easily installed carpet tiles from FLOR.

Outside of the gym I installed a high wainscoting to add some texture to walls.  Rather than a traditional door, that the gym equipment would never fit through, I hung a newly made barn door that my 7 year old daughter built.  It's true, with supervision she completely made and painted this door.  To make it look like a weathered door, she watered down the paint and dulled the colors by painting the whole door with some of mommy's coffee.

Lessons Learned:  My daughter is an amazing DIY artist.