Outdoor Painted Signs/Art

While sitting on our new deck one afternoon, we were getting pounded by the reflection of the sun from our light-colored vinyl siding.  I told Emily we needed something to break up the large wall of boring siding.  

I've always like the look of early-century faded advertisements on the side of old buildings.  So I decided to try to recreate an antique sign.  I started with a sheet of plywood and cut it in half.  Then Grace & I painted the plywood green.  I then free-handed the wording.  I didn't want it to look perfect; I like the look of imperfections on older signs.  I then had Grace and Tripp splatter white paint all over the signs to simulate years of wear and tear outside.  Finally, I sealed them with a spray on epoxy.

Lessons Learned:  My children can't yet read cursive.