I'm complicated.


Trust me, I wish I could paint you this perfect picture of a creative guy that knows all the answers, but I'd be lying. I've never been the "smart" guy and I've certainly never been the "tough" guy.  I'm the product of multiple divorces, for which I ask you not to feel sorry about because I embrace it.  It is my childhood that defines me  today.  What I mean by this, is I was exposed to multiple ways of viewing the world we live in.  Because of this, I feel like I look at the world a little differently and constantly contemplate how I can put my stamp on it. 



In early 2014 it was suggested that I might have Time Urgency Disorder.  Never heard of it?  Neither did I. Upon further research, for the first time in my life, I felt a clarity in my life that I've never felt before.  I finally had a name for the way I felt.    

Due to Time Urgency Disorder (T.U.D.), I always feel rushed, don't like being kept waiting, don't like to be late, have to always be working toward the next deadline, feel that there is never enough time, can't leave things unfinished, impatient and can easily get frustrated with people that don't work at my pace.  Can you imagine working for me or worst being married to me?  

The reality is people do work for me and yes I'm happily married.  Years ago I turned to DIY projects as a way to relax and slow down my urges to race everywhere.  Whether I recognized it or not, as a child DIY became my therapy.  It was a place that I could get lost while focusing my creative energies.  Some of my projects are quite pitiful, yet they gave me something to work towards.  It was something that I could plan, build and have to show for my energies at the end of the project.  Like sex a DIY project is all about the build up leading to completion. Once completed it's on to the next challenge.  

I'm often asked why I don't work with my hands for a living.  For me the answer is simple.  Working with my hands is like going on vacation.  I'm very lucky to be able to work in a successful and established family business.  It's a business that I am very passionate about and grateful to be a part of.  At my "real" job, I'm surrounded by bright and amazing people everyday.  I would never give up the relationships I've built through the years unless they were willing to spend their days in my garage.

I live in northern Virginia with my wife & girlfriend Emily.  We have two colorful children Grace & Tripton.  I owe everything to my wife who has stood by my side through every crazy project, every crazy business idea, and every crazy paint color choice.  She is my everything and my only.